Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Open forum: No laws protect transgender people

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The letter from Barbara Ellis is a wonderful example of the misinformation and fear mongering instigated by the Citizens for Responsive Government. There is no federal law that protects trans persons. There is no Maryland law either so there is no ‘‘padding,” yet Ms. Ellis spouts the CRG line that county attorneys are hiding something or lying about the current law and how this bill changes nothing.

You don’t know a person’s genitals in the next public bathroom stall now unless you’re peering into an occupied stall, which is illegal. With or without this law, no one will know their bathroom neighbor’s genitals just like we do not know now. In the 38 percent of this country covered by a similar law, there has never been any abuse, so there is no possibility for abuse here, either.

Ellis’ suggestion that trans people wear ID button smacks of Nazi racial identification laws and is beneath contempt in Montgomery County.

Christine Grewell, Silver Spring