Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Poolesville removes streetsweeper funding, considers Spurrier Avenue improvements

Draft budget set for vote next week

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Money for a streetsweeper was removed from Poolesville’s draft fiscal 2009 budget and money for possible road improvements to Spurrier Avenue were added to the $2.5 million budget, which is on line to being approved next week.

The town’s commissioners board considered public input from its March 17 public hearing at its final budget worksession Tuesday night. The board will vote on the document at its regular meeting 7:30 p.m. April 7 at Town Hall, 19710-C Fisher Ave. The budget has a constant yield tax rate of 16-cents per $100 of assessed value, which will be voted on separately at the meeting.

The five members opted not to fund the $75,000 streetsweeper slated for purchase in FY11 in response to concerns voiced by resident Bob Roit. The town currently pays a contractor $3,000 to clean the streets twice a year, according to Town Manager Wade Yost. If the town owned and operated its own machine, he said, it could conduct the cleanings more often and extend the lifespan of its roads.

Board members questioned whether the benefits would warrant the money as well as money for fuel, labor, parts and maintenance.

‘‘That’s probably, in the long run, cheaper than running our own,” said Commissioner Tom Yeatts.

Commissioners included $3,000 for two additional streetsweepings.

The money planned for the streetsweeper may go towards installing a sidewalk on one side of Spurrier Avenue after several residents said that there was too much speeding on the road.

Four residents said students walking to and from Poolesville High School walk in the narrow street while drivers speed. Yost agreed, saying he and town employees had the same experience while checking out the street.

‘‘It’s definitely ripe for speed humps,” he said.

Town engineers will look into the costs of installing a sidewalk on the side of Spurrier closest to the high school to connect with an existing sidewalk. They will also look into whether the road should be included among the streets scheduled to get speed humps in FY08, which have not been determined, Yost said.

Once costs are determined, the town will decide whether to add the project onto a contract for repaving and installing sidewalks around town in a bid that will open Wednesday, Yost said.

Copies of the draft budget can be viewed online at or at Town Hall.

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The town’s commissioners board will vote on the fiscal 2009 budget at its meeting 7:30 p.m. April at Town Hall, 19710-C Fisher Ave.

Copies of the draft budget can be viewed online at or at Town Hall.