Thursday, March 20, 2008

Don’t use tax dollars to encourage illegal immigration

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SB 591 and HB 1236, which will reward illegal immigrants with in-state tuition breaks, would effectively use tax dollars to promote illegal immigration and make Maryland more of a magnet for illegal immigrants. To understand the magnitude of the taxpayer subsidies that these bills would provide to illegal immigrants at [the] University of Maryland, College Park, annual out-of-state tuition is $23,400 while in-state tuition is just $7,300.

Further, these bills reward illegal immigrants who have already enjoyed taxpayer-funded secondary or primary schooling in Maryland (much better education than in their country of origin) at taxpayer expense (as most illegal immigrants do not pay income taxes).

Illegal immigration promotes lower wages, more joblessness and greater risk of poverty for Maryland citizens. Illegal immigration contributes to higher taxes for Maryland citizens because illegal immigrants use social services but do not pay income taxes. Promoting illegal immigration erodes general respect for the rule of law. Illegal immigration contributes to run-away population, thereby increasing Maryland’s carbon footprint and promoting further global warming. Encouraging illegal immigration supports continued corruption, inequality and injustice in the home countries of illegal immigrants.

These bills are bad for Maryland and for the United States.

Robert Fireovid, Greenbelt