Postal Service may need to address this

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

On Aug. 17, 2005, in my letter to The Gazette (‘‘U.S. Postal Service — Inc?”) I pointed out how the Germantown post office repeatedly barrages postal patrons with pressure sales tactics. That facility still hasn’t learned that it needs to be a service, instead.

When I went there on March 9 to mail a package by media mail, the clerk started the barrage again, with the follow scenario (quotes are approximate):

Clerk: ‘‘May I help you?”

Me: ‘‘I wish to send this media mail, please.”

Clerk: ‘‘You can send it first class for about 30 cents more.”

Me: ‘‘No, thank you. I want to send it media mail.”

Clerk: ‘‘But it will get there quicker.”

Me: ‘‘Send it media mail, please.”

Clerk: ‘‘You need to indicate the city of your return address on the package. The address is incomplete.”

Me: ‘‘No, it is not. The nine-digit ZIP code indicates a post office box.”

Clerk: ‘‘But you need the city so it can be returned to you if undeliverable.”

Me: ‘‘The ZIP code that I wrote designates the city of origin.”

Clerk: (Deep sigh) ‘‘Do you want delivery confirmation?”

Me: ‘‘No, just please mail it media mail.”

Clerk: ‘‘Do you want insurance?”

Me: ‘‘No, just mail it media mail.”

Clerk: ‘‘Do you want stamps?”

Me: ‘‘No, just mail it media mail.”

Clerk: ‘‘Do you want a phone card?”

Me: ‘‘No, thank you. What I do want, however, is for you to please just mail it media mail and to refrain from trying to sell me everything in this store.”

Clerk: ‘‘Have a nice day.”

Me: ‘‘I will.”

Other patrons have mentioned to me that they encounter the same thing every time they go there. Why is the post office doing this? The postal service is already gouging us with higher rates. It should stop gouging our ears with sales hype.

Whiting John Wicker, Germantown