Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Brenda Egeland earns President’s Award

She joined six others in accepting awards from the Greater Olney Civic Association

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Jeff Brush⁄Special to The Gazette
Winners of the Greater Olney Civic Association awards are (left to right, front row), Nora Blau, Carolyn Snowden and Paula Kahla, and (left to right, back row), Robyn Holstein-Glass, Henry Lieberman, Susie Iaquinta and Brenda Egeland.
The Greater Olney Civic Association honored Brenda Egeland, its Webmaster, with the GOCA President’s Award on Sunday.

She joined Citizen of the Year Paula Kahla and five other award recipients at the annual ceremony at Longwood Recreation Center.

Each year, GOCA’s president selects an individual or group of his choice to whom he wishes to express his personal thanks. The winner is not announced prior to the ceremony, as are the other award recipients.

‘‘I selected Brenda because she has been a whiz at transforming the GOCA Web site into something that is useful and valuable, and into something that works,” former president John Lyons said.

Lyons said that revamping the Web site was one of the behind-the-scenes goals the GOCA officers had set out to accomplish.

Egeland, owner of Red Letter Design, set up and maintains the site,, at very little cost to the organization.

She began attending GOCA meetings about three years ago as a delegate of her Norbeck Grove community, and redesigned the Web site two years ago.

‘‘GOCA provides a sense of community, and I think communication is an important part of that,” she said. ‘‘I wanted the Web site to foster that. If it’s not kept up and doesn’t have fresh news, then people won’t look at it.”

Although the content of the Web site is usually provided by the officers, Egeland posts the minutes, announcements, agendas and other information on a regular basis. It has become a source of information for not only GOCA news, but community news as well.

Egeland did not expect the award.

‘‘I was very surprised and very pleased to be recognized,” she said. ‘‘I think there are a lot of people in GOCA that devote a lot more time to the organization than I do, so it’s nice to be recognized for my small part.”

In addition to Egeland and Kahla, a local resident and businesswoman who has long been a leader in the community, GOCA honored Robyn Holstein-Glass, Susie Iaquinta and Henry Lieberman with the Contribution to the Community Award, Nora Blau with the GOCA Worker of the Year Award and Carolyn Snowden with the Community Heritage Award.

‘‘I am very proud and honored by this award,” Kahla said last week. ‘‘I feel very lucky to live and work in such a wonderful community.”