Thursday, Feb. 7, 2008

Residents suffer from government’s uncaring attitude

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First, Republicans doubled state fees, including drivers’ licenses and registrations, bridge tolls, and the like, when they were in office.

The Republican governor announced a state surplus before the 2006 election.

Republicans lost in 2006 despite the ‘‘surplus.” All was quiet for less than a year.

Democrats won and for 2008 they not only institute a 20 percent increase in the sales tax, but also an increase the state income tax! I am sure there are other tax increases we are not seeing yet.

Now the state representatives are having meetings about property assessments. Those are used to determine property taxes levied by the Democratic county government in Prince George’s County.

My house is assessed at $550,000 by a state agency despite an average sales price of around $400,000 in my neighborhood. Fact I discovered: The assessments are based on newly built homes! Huh? How come? Is the assessment an intended lie or is the state incompetent?

Both political parties are taxing and spending, spending and taxing ... Does anyone see a responsible and efficient government?

There has been no accountability (where did the ‘‘surplus” go?). There is no professional approach, no accurate work done in calculating assessed values!

Does anyone have an answer for this baloney, abuse, pain, mental anguish, and uncaring and unmerciful attitude by our governments (Democrat and Republican)?

George W. Scott, Laurel