Thursday, Feb. 7, 2008

Carroll school board candidate continues to run despite peace order

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Jeff Sheehan of Westminster, who is running for one of two seats on the Carroll County Board of Education, said Friday that a fight between him and his ex-wife’s boyfriend that led to each man filing a peace order against the other will not alter his campaign.

Sheehan filed for a peace order against Scott D’Orazio, a teacher for Carroll County Public Schools, on Jan. 12 after the two had a verbal and physical argument on Jan. 10 at North Carroll High School in Hampstead.

D’Orazio filed a peace order against Sheehan on Jan. 11 for the same incident.

Sheehan claimed in court documents that D’Orazio assaulted him with closed-fist punches to his face and that he had to defend himself.

D’Orazio, who is dating Sheehan’s ex-wife, claimed in court documents that Sheehan punched him in the head with a closed fist and pushed his thumb into his eye.

Court documents also show that the two have had verbal conflicts in the past.

Both men agreed on Jan. 23 to have the peace orders dismissed.

Sheehan said the incident will not change how he approaches Tuesday’s Primary Election. ‘‘I don’t anticipate doing anything differently,” Sheehan said.

Sheehan is one of six candidates running for the school board.

He declined to elaborate on what the altercation was about. ‘‘It is a personal, stupid thing, a chronic nuisance thing that took place,” he said.