Thursday, Feb. 7, 2008

Kensington moves toward fixing the fleet

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Kensington’s fleet of vehicles is in need of serious repairs, according to the town’s mayor.

Seven out of the town’s eight vehicles, which are used by the town public works staff for trash and brush pick up, are in need of some sort of repair, Mayor Peter Fosselman said.

The town’s three pickup trucks, two trash trucks, two dump trucks and the Geo Tracker were inspected after Fosselman received complaints from the town public works staff.

Fosselman took over the duties of the public works director position after Mike Wojton, the former director, left in October.

The vehicles were not inspected in a long time, the mayor said.

The Town Council expects to buy or lease two new pickup trucks to replace the ones with the most wear and tear, rather than pay $10,000 to repair them.

One truck will be repaired for $2,000 and kept in the Kensington fleet.

Repairs to the dump trucks will cost around $2,200. The trash trucks will cost $7,000 to fix. The trucks have a short life span according to the council, who continue to investigate the possibility of buying a new trash truck for roughly $150,000 or leasing one for less.

‘‘We made a decision, after hearing from the citizens, that they wanted to keep the trash collection in-house,” Fosselman said. ‘‘The council is going to look at the possibility of buying or leasing new trucks.”

The town budgeted $30,000 for vehicle maintenance, and Fosselman said the town has enough in the current budget to cover the purchase or lease of new vehicles.