Thursday, Feb. 7, 2008

The commissioners’ ‘Yellow Brick Road’

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On Jan. 28, the Frederick Board of County Commissioners held a workshop on the New Market Region Plan at Winchester Hall.

Commissioners removed plans for a much-needed bypass around town, which had been in the master plan for years.

But just prior to the meeting, Commissioner Kai Hagen was seated and speaking to Jim Jamison of Concerned Residents of New Market.

They didn’t realize the microphone was live, and Hagen said something to the effect, ‘‘Well, if they would get rid of those chumps in New Market, they would be a lot better off.”

I wonder if he was referring to town officials or all residents in New Market, also known as registered voters.

If you think traffic is tough now, Eaglehead development will contribute more.

But don’t worry. Commissioners have created a wonderful road through our town and a bypass for us to use. It is called ‘‘The Yellow Brick Road.” You may use it!

Milton Hart, New Market