Thursday, Feb. 7, 2008

Gazette endorsement in District 6 saddens me

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John B. Kimble, Damascus

The writer is a Democrat running for District 6.

After reading The Gazette’s Jan. 31 endorsement of Joseph Krysztoforski for the Republican nomination in District 6, I feel deeply ashamed of you and believe you have lost your way as a newspaper.

Immigration is destroying the newspaper business, and readership has continued to slide because people can't read English.

Joe Krysztoforski is a nice man, but I would challenge any of the candidates to a “no notes“ debate about any issue.

As a Christian, I believe all people are created equal, but as a man I know different. Our beloved Maryland and America have serious problems, and we need someone who will do something rather than talk.

The only reason to replace Congressman Roscoe G. Bartlett is his age; nothing else. As we age, we know the prospect of dying increases. Roscoe will not lose to Joe.

I also believe the Democratic race will be a surprise.