Thursday, Feb. 7, 2008

Open Forum: You are loved, Jimmy Stup

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Walkersville has been dealt another challenge to its water supply.

With this has caused much controversy over the farmer and whether it was intentional or not. Many of you do not know this farmer.

I know Jimmy Stup, and he is a pillar of the community. He is humble, he is the definition of Frederick County farmer. He works hard, 24⁄7⁄365 so hopefully one day he is able to pass the farm down to his son to keep supporting the Frederick farming community, thus supporting the community at large — the community that was here before many of you all even thought of Frederick County as your home.

Yes, he could sell out to the developers and he could be sitting pretty down in the Keys sipping a margarita right now, and I could be with him.

Guess what. He chooses not to. He chooses to rise at 3 a.m. every day to bring nourishment to the community. Why? Because feeding the community is a noble deed. Yes, a bad thing has happened, and yes, we are all affected by it.

As a community, we need to stop pointing fingers because this is not the farmer’s fault. This was not an on purpose. This was an accident caused by Mother Nature with her freezing weather.

He did not wake up one morning and say, ‘‘Hey, I think I’m not going to use this manure to feed my fields so I can raise healthy cows who will then produce healthy milk to feed to the children. Nope, instead I’m just gonna put it in the creek. No one will mind.”

No! This is not the way farms work.

Farms have waste and they have disposal and reuse systems in place to deal with it. Sometimes, those systems fail by no one’s fault. It just happens. If fingers need to be pointed, they need to go to Mother Nature.

We as a community need to support the farmer because we all decided to move into a farming community.

Yes, it sucks to take a sponge bath and boil your water. But without the farmer, we have no food. No food brings starvation, and starvation brings death.

Yes, this is an unfortunate occurrence. You all can stand around complaining and pointing fingers, but I’m going to support this farmer and all the farmers in whichever community they produce our sustenance.

Jimmy Stup, you are loved. You will come through this, and you and the truth will prevail.

Sandy DeWitt, Frederick