Thursday, Feb. 7, 2008

On Faith: Spring is almost upon us

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I read somewhere, a long time ago, that February ‘‘is the promise side of spring.” Now, I have never met anyone who claimed that February was their favorite month, quite the contrary actually, however, there is something to be said, for this ‘‘promise side of spring.” For it is in this second month of the year that we notice that the days are getting a little bit longer and we know that somewhere around the corner, waiting to break forth, is the new life of springtime.

When we think of the season of spring we often think of new beginnings. Spring is a time to open our windows, enjoy the sunshine, and drink in the beauty of new life. I personally love this time of year. I tend to look forward to one (just one) more good snowfall, a few snow days for the kids, and then I want to jump start into warmer days, more sunshine, and little buds appearing on the trees and from the earth’s surface. Yes, February does provide a promise of spring for me. For Christians this anticipation does come with a price. We have to wade through the last dark days of winter and journey through Lent, to get there. For me springtime is yoked with the Resurrection of Christ.

As I prepare myself for the glorious morning of Easter, I will take my Lenten walk seriously. I will search my soul, pray with extra-fervor, and hopefully restore my heart to be ready for this newness of life in the Risen Lord. Then, and only then, will my heart be ready to fully appreciate the springtime. Jesus restores us everyday through the grace, love, and promises He keeps for His people. I believe the spring, coming so close to Easter, is an amazing reminder of all things made new in Christ.

So as we plod through the sometimes dreary days of this month of February, do not forget that ‘‘February is the promise side of spring.”

Ann Thomas Rinker has lived in Mount Airy for more than 20 years and has written for The Gazette for most of that time. She is married to Roger L. Rinker, senior pastor at Calvary Lutheran Church, also in Mount Airy. To respond to her column, e-mail