Thursday, Feb. 7, 2008

Open Forum: Support Potts and Seidel for Carroll school board

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Two new Board of Education candidates in this election impress me. I would like to encourage voters to take the time to get to know Jennifer Seidel and Barry Potts. They are new possibilities for the Board of Education.

Mr. Potts has a long history as a teacher and a teacher leader in our county. In addition, his children all attended Carroll County schools. I have always found him to be open to conversation.

He realizes that in order for our children to have a quality education, they must have a teacher who has all the right tools and support to do their job. Since he is retired, he also has plenty of time to devote to the position. He is familiar with all the schools, and has a good understanding of history and the complexities of the position.

Jennifer Seidel is a young mother who has a history as a teacher, administrator and curriculum developer. In addition, she has spent many hours volunteering in her child’s school so she has seen the system from different sides.

She realizes that if we don’t attract and retain quality teachers, our children’s education will suffer. You can find out more about her on her Web site,

It is important to have Board of Education members who have experience, who listen to and represent us, and whose priority is our future, the children of Carroll County. Our children will get the best education possible from a school system that is safe, respectful, challenging and one that fosters a cooperative partnership with parents, children, staff and the community.

Laura K. Rhodes, Mount Airy

The writer served on the Carroll Board of Education from 2003-2005.