Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2008

Open forum: ‘‘Please, anybody, help us’

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Valerie Berton wrote on behalf of Park and Planning that The Gazette reporter got the Farm Road story wrong. Baloney.

I’ve lived in Sandy Spring for 85 years. My property, the same property that my father and grandfather owned before me, has been accessed by the Farm Road since the 1800s. Park and Planning has removed Farm Road addresses from their address map book as The Gazette reported.

I have not filed any lawsuit against anyone, but Park and Planning keeps saying otherwise. Then they and our elected officials say that I am in litigation to justify not helping us. There’s no safety issue as Park and Planning claims.

Park and Planning refuses to recognize Farm Road, which prevents me and my neighbors from living on our land. All because Park and Planning placed its conservation easement over parts of Farm Road to benefit a developer. Park and Planning wants the public to believe we have a neighbor dispute. Park and Planning is the neighbor who owns the Conservation Easement.

Please, anybody, help us.

Robert Awkard, Sandy Spring