Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008

Council adopts capital budget

Sykesville has $400,300 worth of purchases planned for fiscal 2009

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A long-awaited pavilion for the Sykesville Public Works Department and an emergency generator for the town’s police department are a step closer to becoming a reality.

The Town Council Monday night adopted its fiscal 2009 and fiscal 2009-2013 capital budgets by a vote of 4-0. Councilmen Eugene Johnson Sr. and Scott Sanzone were absent.

The capital budget is a guide for the town’s planned large purchases, Town Manager Matt Candland said. ‘‘In a perfect world, we would want to implement as much as this as possible,” he said.

The town has planned $400,300 worth of purchases and construction for fiscal 2009, which begins July 1.

Included is a $40,000 pavilion to protect Public Works vehicles from the weather. Public Works Director Ron Esworthy estimates that equipment can last about 10 more years if protected from the elements.

The pavilion has been delayed for about 10 years, said Councilwoman Debby Ellis, who sat on the capital budget committee.

The town is starting this year to allocate $30,000 each year to save for replacement Public Works garbage trucks.

The Sykesville Police has $65,000 marked for diesel-powered generators for its headquarters.

Currently, the department is without a way to power its entire building if it loses electricity.

The town will spend $115,000 next fiscal year to pave Braemar Court and Obrecht Road from Third Avenue to the town limits heading west on Obrecht Road.

Resident Dick Buczek offered the lone comment during the public hearing for the budget. He told the council that the budget items are badly needed, but choices will be tough when it comes to paying for the requests.

‘‘The easiest thing I think you can do is to cut these items,” he said. ‘‘...But I think these things are needed, and I think a case can be made for them, and I think you have a lot of decisions to make.”

The town will start improvements to Main Street and starting in fiscal 2010.

Among the improvements is a $20,000 clock tower in fiscal 2012 and a $50,000 sidewalk from Main Street to the Carroll Fields neighborhood in fiscal 2010.

The town is set to spend the most in fiscal 2011.

It has $350,000 to relocate the Sykesville Girls Group Home out of Cooper Park and $200,000 for an addition to the Gate House Museum of History included in the $1.1 million worth of capital expenses for that year.

The operating budget committee will meet in the spring to compose a general budget, and will look at the capital budget’s requests as well. The town’s fiscal 2008 budget is $2.5 million.