Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008

Painful, but important, reminders

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Mr. [Robert] West has apparently never lost a family member due to a traffic accident, and I hope he never will [‘‘Shrines belong in the cemetery,” Letters to the Editor, Jan. 10]. But I have, and I only wish I could have put something there to commemorate the spot where my parents were struck by a teenage driver.

Seeing that shrine there every day made me slow down at least and remember the loss of life due to the carelessness of a police officer. My daughter is a new driver and it reminds us that she must be careful at all times — adults make mistakes, too.

Well, Mr. West has his way and the ‘‘shrine” is gone. The last time I passed by, there appeared to be a little log with three objects on it. I guess they’ll be gone, too. But, Brian, you and the spot where you lost your life will be remembered.

Denise Cross, Bowie