Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008

Don’t disparage home schoolers

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The Gazette editorial regarding those running for Frederick County school board missed the mark disparaging Tony Chmelik’s run for a seat simply because he is a home schooling parent.

First of all, other board members have used other educational opportunities for their children rather than the Frederick County public school, without any condemnation from your paper.

Secondly, granted, he has no children in public schools at this time, that doesn’t rule out his children’s attendance sometime in the future.

Thirdly, home schoolers are under the jurisdiction of Frederick County Public Schools; they meet with county officials for review twice a year.

Lastly, all home schoolers pay the taxes that fund Frederick County Public Schools.

Surely, as taxpayers we have a vested interest to see that our money is spent wisely, including the school system. We, as a society, are all affected by the programs that are in place in the public schools and what the children learn.

Mr. Chmelik is an intelligent, sensible, and articulate man. If Mr. Chmelik wants to serve on the board, he should be applauded, not slighted.

Anita Gill, Monrovia