Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008

Home schoolers should have a say on board

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Regarding your recommendations for the Frederick County school board: You spent a large portion of your endorsement explaining why a home schooler should not be considered for the school board.

If you are going to use your publishing clout to sway public opinion, you ought to do your research and bring facts to the issue. The facts are that home schoolers are involved in the school system. Our children don't take up space in the building or use other resources we help pay for as taxpayers, but we are subject to the county and state school system.

Yes, we are supervised and accountable to the school system. Our work is reviewed by their representatives, and we must provide evidence subject to their approval. If we are accountable to the system, we have every right to have a voice in that system, unless I'm wrong and this is not a democratic republic anymore.

Karen Highland, Frederick