Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008

Write Congress to oppose Fort Detrick expansion

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I am enraged by the turn of events happening with Fort Detrick expansion. I understand that the federal government has have approved the expansion. Nonetheless, as a concerned Frederick resident, and someone who puts faith in our commissioners, we cannot rule out any hint of inspection failure.

I moved here from New York City to immerse myself in Frederick's rich heritage, farms, and mountains, and to escape pollution.

Yet, I am taking the report by National Research Council seriously. In this report, it is indicated that the federal government has failed to address public health and safety concerns in our densely populated area.

Fort Detrick is already not cooperative.

The officials there refuse to meet with us, and dismiss the community because, “they already complied with federal regulations.“ Unacceptable!

The more time delayed in this matter, the more chances for Fort Detrick to expand, disregarding public health concerns. An article came out on this issue recently urging us to address our commissioners, however, we need to address our representatives in Congress.

By going to, you will be able to send them an e-mail urging them not to look at the lucrative economic boost that may come with the biodefense lab expansion, but rather look for our welfare by pressing for NEPA and court review of the inspections to ensure that the expansion is 100 percent risk-free for us.

Dina Raevsky, Frederick