Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008

Frederick County can’t handle a retreat center

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I am a relative newcomer to Frederick County (six years). I grew up in Annapolis, and I know firsthand how uncontrolled development can ruin an area.

Annapolis today is a giant paved mess to live and⁄or drive in. These people in Frederick County who think that the main reason for denying the Muslim center is anti-Muslim sentiment are not seeing reality.

The land is not zoned for a massive meeting place of any kind! If we already know that the carnival creates chaos, why would we want to duplicate that same situation? How do they plan to get water? Who would pay for the roads? Would they have to pay taxes or do they get around that by saying they are a religious center? Whether the group is Muslim or nudists, we still suffer droughts. I hardly think Allah⁄God is going to give them special dispensation.

So how about all these kind-hearted individuals look around their homes and see if there isn't room for the Muslim center in New Windsor or Point of Rocks? Maybe right near Baker Park? Or how about Baker Park itself? Quit hiding your heads in the sand, and take a strong look at reality. This just isn't the time or the place for a development of this magnitude. We haven't even fully recovered by the drought last year!

Ann Halvorson, Thurmont