Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008

Open Forum: Letter writer is guilty of generalizing

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Kristy Kistner denounces Eilene Fryer’s ‘‘massive generalization” when she herself is guilty of an even more massive one.

Many Muslim countries signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights granting their citizens freedom of religion, and most Muslims enjoy complete autonomy over their religious beliefs and practices. While this may not be the case in Saudi Arabia, the Saudis form a small percentage of the Muslim population.

Anyhow, her contention seems to be that the people of Walkersville should have no qualms about denying the Ahmadis their freedom of worship since their own religion denies it to them.

Intrinsically flawed as this argument is, it is also grossly incorrect. She bases her allegation on the Quranic verse (4:89) that clearly refers to the people that had taken up arms against Medinite Muslims, and not to apostates at all, something she would have known if she had bothered to read the next verse (4:90).

Shazia Sohail, Hillsborough, Calif.