Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008

Open Forum: Muslims are free to choose their religion

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Kristy Kistner has described the letter by Eiline Fryer, in which she encouraged the residents of Walkersville to learn about Islam, as “fatuous and poorly reasoned“ (Jan. 24).

I can say the same thing about Ms. Kistner's letter.

I ask her, as herself says that Muslims would likely be a diverse group, has she studied the Ahmadiyya Community beliefs?

She cited out of context a verse of the Quran stating that freedom to change religion is not given in Islam. This is wrong. The Islam presented by the Ahmadiyyat Community says that everybody has the right to profess and change their religion at will, without any repercussions.

As the application for the center is by the Ahmadiyya Community, I would strongly advise Ms. Kistner to read up what this community represents before making sweeping statements about Islam.

Tauseef Ahmad Khan, Wimbledon, England