Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008

Open Forum: To learn about Islam, ask an imam

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Kristy Kistner is misinformed regarding Islam and has taken the Quran out of context. Her Jan. 24 letter stated that, ‘‘Muslims do not have freedom of religion. ... They do not have the freedom to change their religion. Those who convert from Islam to another religion are apostates, and the Quran (Surah 4:89) calls for them to be put to death.”

If she would read more than 65 words of the Quran, even slightly more than that, let’s say (Surah 4:88-90), she would understand that God is guiding a ‘‘tribe” to defend themselves against traitors.

If there are people who turn against and leave the ‘‘tribe,” even if it is to join a group of non-Muslims, if those people do not harm the members of the original ‘‘tribe,” then no harm shall come to the traitor.

I wonder where Ms. Kistner learned about Islam. If one wants to build hatred, they can find a quote, take it out of context, and disregard that the event took place in history, and that it may not be meant to be used in such a literal sense in 2008.

Just like I could look at Psalm 137:8-9, and assume that all Christians will dash little children against rocks as a form of revenge.

If one truly wants to learn about Islam in an attempt to understand the religion, one should ask an imam for information.

Susan Sommer, Mount Airy