Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008

Open Forum: I concur with complaints about Comcast

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I concur whole-heartedly with Steven Karsh’s letter in The Gazette of Jan. 10, “Can we have some competition for Comcast?“

Not only has Comcast raised its rates three times in the last two years, but it has taken away three channels from the expanded basic service package.

The channels to go were first HBO (channel 16) about a year and a half ago. Last month, both channels 22 and 29 went away. Channel 22, TV Guide, became channel 100, but if you don’t have a digital converter, all you get is snow on both channels 22 and 100. Channel 29 provided foreign subject matter. I liked their murder mystery films, even though they were in French with English captions.

I thought the act of Congress that requires that all TV broadcasting be digital also requires that cable and satellite companies (Comcast, are you listening?) convert the digital broadcast signals for us old-fashioned, analog TV users.

Lawrence J. Brewer Jr., Clarksburg, Frederick County