Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008

Open Forum: O’Malley is merely paying Ehrilch’s bill

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I am sick and tired of Republicans constantly beating up on Gov. Martin O’Malley for raising taxes by $1.3 billion. They forget to say that O’Malley inherited $1.7 billion deficit from Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., who spent money he did not have, and ran up the deficit.

Ehrlich could have cut the spending, but did not. He wanted to be the good guy by preaching ‘‘lower taxes” and spending wildly. What Republicans don’t understand is that you have to pay the bill if you want to spend like a sailor.

Since Ehrlich spent the state’s credit card, and did not raise the taxes to cover his spending, the result is the red ink that exists from his term in office. The budget cuts and tax increases O’Malley proposed is to cover the wild spending of the Ehrlich era.

Give O’Malley a break, and quit whining about paying the bill that Ehrlich left us, and quit telling us about lowering taxes. Lowering taxes and running up debt is not a balanced equation.

A testimony to this unbalanced equation is the George W. Bush administration of deficit spending and lowering the taxes for the wealthy. Republicans should drop the phrase of being ‘‘conservative.” They are just the opposite.

Vincent DiPietro, Sykesville