Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2008

Who’s responsible for battle over Farm Road?

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The Jan. 23 article, ‘‘Residents take battle to the streets,” only gives a glimpse of the hopelessness and despair we’ve experienced with Park and Planning and our elected officials.

Our Sandy Spring neighbors are losing their properties along Farm Road because our officials refuse to tell Park and Planning to treat us like everyone else. Park and Planning has issued addresses along Farm Road as recently as 2002, but their friend County Councilman George Leventhal claims our road does not exist — the same George Leventhal who refuses to get in his car and see for himself. The same George Leventhal that refuses to accept recent photographs of the road or Park and Planning’s maps that show it exists.

Our officials want the public to believe that none of them are responsible for Park and Planning’s actions or oversight. The attorney general tells us to go to the County Council. The council tells us to go to the legislature. The legislature tells us to go to the council. And they all tell us not to go to the press or they won’t help us.

One of Councilman Leventhal’s many reasons for claiming he couldn’t help us was because 50-foot trees are growing in the road, something not true. When he refused to accept a photograph showing the same, I asked him to see for himself, but he refused to commit to that.

Marvin Gaither, Brookeville

The writer is a Farm Road property owner.