Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2008

Another Clarksburg?

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In the Jan. 23 article, ‘‘Residents take battle to the streets,” County Councilman George Leventhal attempted to shift the focus away from his Park and Planning oversight responsibilities by criticizing our volunteer advocate.

My neighbors and I met Mr. Leventhal on Jan. 21 after he failed for four months to set a meeting between our volunteer advocate, Steve Kanstoroom, Planning Board Chairman Royce Hansen and Mr. Leventhal’s committee. The meeting was intended to allow the committee see the evidence that the only access to our properties, the Farm Road, exists to this day and that Park and Planning acceptance of false plans was the cause of our problems.

Mr. Leventhal refused to look at a current picture of the road showing it exists, saying it’s just a picture.

He refused to look at a copy of Park and Planning’s address book, which shows Park and Planning has issued addresses along the road, which it claims does not exist, as recently as 2002. Mr. Leventhal said, ‘‘It’s just a map.”

Next, he tried to tell our group that the council has no oversight of Park and Planning regardless of the wrongs that are found.

My neighbors and I asked Mr. Kanstoroom to help us after learning he had volunteered years of his life helping victims of flooding and FEMA. Mr. Kanstoroom found irrefutable evidence that problems exist at Park and Planning while the council looks away, just like they did for months with Clarksburg. We need the community to tell our leaders to do the right thing.

Michele Awkard, Sandy Spring

The writer is a Farm Road resident,

I read with great interest the story about the battle that the Farm Road residents have initiated to get their concerns heard by county and state officials.

The Gazette has performed a public service by highlighting the fact that the residents’ needs have been neglected by the Park and Planning Commission. In the wake of the Clarksburg scandal, it is critical that our elected officials make every effort to consider the needs of the county’s long-term residents and voters.

Hats off to the Farm Road residents for making their voices heard!

Josh Levin, Olney

Two thumbs up to the creative Farm Road residents for finding a way to get any response from the zombies that represent us at the county and state level. Perhaps these officials were stunned by this protest because the residents of this county have been asleep since the 1960s.

The only thing that usually awakens our wealthy and pampered residents is when their cable service is disrupted. In contrast, the Farm Road residents are having their lives destroyed while virtually the rest of us are just letting it happen. Worse, our County Council is appropriating our tax dollars to fund Park and Planning’s lawyers’ efforts to destroy this kinship community.

History is repeating itself. It seems that the problems that spawned Clarksburg are flourishing and our officials are working harder at attempting to cover them up than fix them.

Please tell me how I can learn more. I want to be part of whatever the Farm Road residents have planned next.

Ted Quinn, Olney