Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2008

Don’t call printed word dead yet

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Well, the Dec. 19 editorial, ‘‘After a challenging year, brighter days ahead,” certainly was timely. There’s an evolution or maybe something more dynamic going on in the news media world nowadays.

If one is at all interested in the matter it’s hard to miss the discussion on media ownership, the fairness doctrine, minority and women ownership, local news and talent coverage, ProPublica, etc.

I take exception to the statement in the piece, ‘‘That does not mean that some day we may not come to work and find the front door padlocked ...” I don’t think so, but I’m just an old guy so I took a poll of the younger generation. I asked my grandson. He’s about as Internet savvy as it gets and he agrees with me. There will always be newspapers — just as there always will be books.

All that is required for perpetuation is to remember the rules: content and credibility.

That credibility part is particularly important when paying for the press is concerned. I daresay most revenue comes from advertising. Where did I hear the expression, ”Sir, I fear your nostrums are no better than your doctrines.”

Faulkner C. Thomson, Clarksburg