Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission salaries

The WSSC provides water and sewer services to 1.6 million people in Montgomery and Prince George's counties. Salaries are current as of April 2005.
Brunhart Andrew Office of the General Manager $180,000 General Manager
McLeod John Information Technology Team Office $148,367 Chief, Strategic Planning & Business Development
Cartwright Allen Customer Care Team Office $136,583 Chief of Customer Care
Joyner Carla General Manager's Office $136,583 Chief of Mission Support
Shagogue Richard Engineering & Construction Team Office $136,583 Chief of Engr & Construction
Tiburzi Dominic Project Delivery Group $134,788 Project Delivery Group Leader
Montgomery Ramona Customer Relations Group $130,798 Customer Relations Group Leader
Traber Thomas General Manager's Office $129,015 Chief Financial Officer
Carrigan Joseph Retirement Group $126,209 Retirement Group Leader
Jacobs Donald Piscataway Group $126,209 Piscataway Plant Superintendent
Leahy Loretta Systems Inspection Group $121,884 Systems Inspection Group Leader
Sillers James Wastewater Collections System Group $121,882 Wastewater Collection System Group Leader
Dixon Linnie Disbursements Group $118,171 Disbursements Group Leader
Kalinowski Elizabeth Public Communications Office $118,119 Director Public Communications
Arnold Haskell Internal Audit/Secretary's Office $117,494 Internal Audit Manager
Drummer Robert General Counsel's Office $117,207 Sr Counsel
Gerwin Stephen Production Team Office $117,207 Operations Support Manager
Heikkinen Thomas Production Team Office $117,207 Chief of Plant Operations
Banwarth William Fleet Services Group $109,747 Fleet Services Group Leader
Cohen Sheila Rate Stabilization & Debt Reduction Team Office $109,747 Budget Group Leader
Fricke Craig Planning Group $109,747 Planning Group Leader
Masengale Debra Customer Care Central Group $109,747 Customer Care Central Group Leader
Habibian Mohammad Environmental Group $109,747 Environmental Group Leader
Johnson Floyd Production Team Office $109,747 Plant Superintendent
Kramer Joel General Counsel's Office $109,747 Associate Counsel II
Ngo Vuong Process Control Group $109,747 Process Control Group Leader
Porter Michael Customer Care North Group $109,747 Customer Care North Group Leader
Staed Michael Entrepreneurial Team Office $109,747 Strategic Planning Group Leader
Webb Vicki General Counsel's Office $109,747 Associate Counsel II
Thompson Joel Western Branch Group $109,603 Western BR Plant Superintendent
O'Brien John General Counsel's Office $109,031 Associate Counsel I (I/O)
Murray Thomas Human Resources Group $107,595 Human Resources Group Leader
Swisher Laura Entrepreneurial Team Office $107,526 Business Development Group Leader
Thorpe Reginald Production Team Information Support Group $106,496 Information Support Group Leader
Tucker Marcia Infrastructure-Systems Group $105,987 Infrastructure-Systems Group Leader
Mantua Joseph Development Services Program Group $105,986 Development Services Process Group Leader
Burton Russell Wastewater Collections System Group $103,636 Wastewater Collection Contracts Unit Coordinator
Clark Norma Systems Group $103,636 Systems Programmer II
Gingrich Thomas Development Services Program Group $103,636 Regional Coordinator
Savage Richard Technical Services Group $103,636 Principal Mechanical Engineer
Talbott Stanley Process Control Group $103,636 Process Control Specialist III
Alston Selma Materials & Services Group $102,757 Materials & Services Group Leader
Armorer Michael Regulatory Services Group $102,757 Regulatory Services Group Leader
Brous Christopher Security & Safety Services Group $102,757 Security & Safety Services Group Leader
Li Paul Infrastructure-Systems Group $102,757 Civil Engineering Support Unit Coordinator
Nunn Phillip Revenue Group $102,757 Revenue Group Leader
Price Gerald Budget Group $102,757 Financial Planning Administrator
Richardson Alfred Customer Outreach Group $102,757 Customer Outreach Group Leader
Taylor Robert Production Team Office $102,757 Energy Manager
Wright Karen Systems Control Group $102,757 Systems Control Group Leader
Johnson Monica Mission Support Team Office $102,358 Intergovernmental Relations Director
Wimbush David Customer Care Information Support Group $102,155 Info Support Group Leader
Labrosse Becky Customer Care Strategic Planning Group $102,153 Strategic Planning Group Leader (CC)
Chow Rudolph Customer Care West Group $101,911 Customer Care West Group Leader
Price James Patuxent Group $101,911 Patuxent Plant Superintendent
Jones Cyrus Production Team Office $101,910 Regulatory & Compliance Manager
Beverhoudt Clarence Laboratory Services Group $101,666 Laboratory Services Group Leader
Grimes Douglas Potomac Group $101,113 Potomac Plant Superintendent
Turner Linda General Manager's Office $100,900 Executive Staff Coordinator
Luquette Kim Accounting Group $98,938 Accounting Group Leader
Phillips Shaaron Small Local & MBE Group $98,257 Small, Local & MBE Group Leader
Wilkerson Troy Property Management (MS) Group $97,756 Property Management Group Leader
Jennings Marcus Entrepreneurial Team Office $97,581 Corporate Business Group Leader
Mulieri Bonnie Procurement Group $97,555 Procurement Group Leader
Dillinger Dennis Customer Care South Group $97,073 Customer Care Unit Coordinator
Lee Allen Customer Care Support Services Group $97,073 Meter Reading Unit Coordinator
Maase Philip Delivery/Support Group $97,073 Info Systems Staff Office Supp Supervisor
Maholtz John Project Delivery Group $97,073 Project Manager
Will Alan Project Delivery Group $97,073 Project Manager
Wells Scott Industrial Assets Management Group $96,927 Industrial Assets Mgmt Group Leader
Brown Charles Public Communications Office $96,223 Public Communications Manager
Buglass Robert Environmental Group $96,223 Principal Scientist
Glass Michael Human Resources Group $96,223 Organization Development Manager
Hartz Frank Project Delivery Group $96,223 Lead Project Manager (I/O)
Steiner Roland Planning Group $96,223 Regional Water/Wastewater Manager
Source: Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission