Montgomery college top 200 Salaries List

This lists the college's top 200 earners in March 2005
Employee Title Annual Salary
Nunley, Charlene R President $182,353.60
Edgerley, David W Spec Asst To President $161,428.80
Campbell, William E Ex Vice Pres Admin Fiscal Svcs $144,476.80
Galotto, Mary C Exec Vice Pres Acad & Std Svcs $144,476.80
Pinkney, Hercules Vice President and Provost $135,054.40
Ackerman, Judy E Vice President and Provost $129,438.40
Cephas, Robert F Chief of Staff $128,606.40
Leurig, Louis R Chief Information Officer $128,606.40
Moore, Marshall Chief Business Officer $128,606.40
Sorrell, Clyde H General Counsel $128,606.40
Lawyer, Vivian M Chief Human Resources Officer $128,315.20
Payne, George M VP Workforce Dev & Cont Ed $127,129.60
Tusa, Frank Dir of Policy Development $120,744.00
Dimon, Donna L Dir Of Budget & Audits $120,536.00
Case, Lloyd A Dir Of IT Planning & Resources $118,830.40
Capp, David J Chief Facilities Officer $118,393.60
Nuell, Nancy J Dir of Oppt Fund & Entrep Prog $118,248.00
Matuskey, Paula D Instructional Dean $117,270.40
Helberg, Sherman Dir of Admiss & Enrollment Mgt $114,649.60
Levine, Mona Chief Pol, Plan & Res Officer $113,942.40
Somersall, Clarice A Dir of Academic Servcs $112,985.60
Duggan, Vicki M Dir of IT Academic Services $112,590.40
Moore, Kayran C Dir of Development $112,361.60
von Bargen, Lynda S Dir of Personnel Mgt $112,361.60
Gregory, Melissa F College Dir Of Student Fin Aid $112,299.20
Bojonny, John S Dir of Info Tech Svcs $111,820.80
Mullinix, James K Dir of Financial Operations $111,820.80
Smith, Donald J Interim Dir of the Arts Instit $111,716.80
Rai, Sanjay K Instructional Dean $105,996.80
Roberts, Edward J Instructional Dean $105,809.60
Mehok, Patricia Director, Libraries $104,270.40
Michaelian, Katherine J Instructional Dean $104,187.20
Kelso, George H Asst Dir Of Info Tech $103,542.40
Roseberry, Karen A Dean Of Student Devlpmt $103,292.80
Dietz, Timothy D Asst General Counsel $102,876.80
Scott, Michelle T Dir Of Equity & Diversity $102,689.60
Liss, Ronald Dir of Distance Learning $102,336.00
Wessman, Kathleen A Instructional Dean $102,211.20
Wormack, Janet E Dir Of Procurement $101,441.60
Segura, Humberto Dean Of Student Devlpmt $100,006.40
Cain, Stephen D Instructional Dean $99,590.40
Montgomery, Gail Instructional Dean $99,008.00
Pickwick, Angela M Instructional Dean $97,510.40
Terry, Carolyn Instructional Dean $97,073.60
Lynch, Robert C Dir Of Inst Resrch & Analysis $96,928.00
Cromwell, Cynthia K Manager of Web Applications $96,553.60
Halpine, Paul A Campus Information Tech Mgr $96,553.60
Schena, Donna L Mgr for Info Tech Initiatives $96,553.60
Daniels, James E Dean Of Student Devlpmt $96,345.60
Cubar, Janet Deputy Chief Fac Officer $96,220.80
McLean, John B Dir Cap Plan, Design & Const $96,179.20
Porras, Dehlly Instructional Dean $95,888.00
Barrett, Kenneth W Dir of Employee & Labor Rel $94,660.80
Fitzgerald, Denise C Human Resource Mgr $94,390.40
Hall, Randall V Mgr of Network Engrg & Svcs $94,390.40
Smotrich, Barbara Human Resources Mgr $94,390.40
Whitcomb, James M Energy Mgr $94,390.40
Wirth, Robert C Campus Dir Of Facilities $93,454.40
Madden, Susan C Dir of Govt Relations $93,350.40
Carey-Fletcher, Kathleen Dir Of Auxiliary Svcs $93,142.40
Valentine, Patrick F Instructional Dean $92,726.40
Koh, Youching E College Architect $91,852.80
Edwards, Francis L Information Tech Security Mgr $90,417.60
Simon, Stephen R Director of Communications $90,084.80
Schmid, Margaret A Interim Dean-MCAD $89,980.80
Gill, Ruth F Applications Manager $89,960.00
Ambrose, Stephen R Analyst/Programmer $89,419.20
Bandak, Mark B Analyst/Programmer $89,419.20
Hanlon, Jo A WD & CE Operations Director $89,419.20
Jones, Christopher K Tech Project&Planning Analyst $89,419.20
Jones, Philip D Analyst/Programmer $89,419.20
Morrow, Richard B Campus Information Tech Mgr $89,419.20
Pedersen, Poul M IT Security Analyst $89,419.20
Steagall, James E Analyst/Programmer $89,419.20
White, Anne E Spec Asst/Staff Concerns $89,419.20
Young, John C Financial Systems Spec $89,419.20
Warnick, Jessica L Alumni Director $89,377.60
Moffi, Jacquelyn L Asst to the Provost $88,774.40
Baker, Brian K ITV/Cable Operations Mgr $88,670.40
Custer, Linda L Mgr Asset Mgnt & Comp Sup Svcs $88,587.20
Cromwell, Ross P Academic Computing Coord $88,441.60
Paulson, Wesley E WD & CE Finance Director $88,441.60
Walker, Kristina L Dir Of Professional Dev $88,441.60
Allen, Bernard Campus Information Tech Mgr $88,400.00
Poteat, Charles S Oper & Comm Outreach Svcs Dir $87,942.40
Link, Timothy J Campus Registrar $87,568.00
Campbell, Janet L Tech Proj & Planning Analyst $87,505.60
Ciccocelli, Ruth S Senior Research Analyst $86,840.00
Tarver, James E Campus Dir of Facilities $86,756.80
Knaus, Jane C Creative Services Director $86,320.00
Shipe, John M Network Engrg Supervisor $86,320.00
de la Puente, Isabel C Dir of Annual Giving & Fnd Rel $86,070.40
Taylor, Judith M Assoc Dir Student Fin Aid $85,966.40
McRae, Laval S Human Resource Specialist $85,529.60
Williams, Brenda C Disability Svcs Director $85,280.00
Blaylock, Arlene W Senior Research Analyst $84,260.80
Hickey, Linda Senior Accountant $84,260.80
Bryce, Robert M Head Librarian $84,136.00
Stanley, Howard A Campus Dir Of Facilities $83,553.60
Appel, John F IT Security Analyst $83,491.20