Have a mortgage pending? Most lenders will notify customers if they are suspending mortgage services.

Call your mortgage company first.

Or call the county’s Consumer Protection Office at 240-777-3636 or its Office of Human Rights at 240-777-8450.

Pulling out

So far about 20 companies have suspended mortgage services in Montgomery County. Many are subsidiaries of larger companies and have notified independent brokers.

As of Tuesday, they include:

Accredited Home Lenders

Aurora Loan

Bear Stearns



Credit Suisse

Crescent Mortgage

Decision One

Emigrant Mortgage

First Franklin

First Horizon

First Magnus

Greenpoint Mortgage

Mortgage IT

National City Home Equity

National City Mortgage

Nations One

National Wholesale Funding


US Bank Home Mortgage

Source: Maryland Association of Mortgage Brokers and Gazette reports


Seven companies are seeking a preliminary injunction to stop the county’s law from taking effect March 8. None of those companies has stopped offering mortgages.

AMC Mortgage Corp.

Apex Home Loans

Legacy Financial Corp.

Legend Mortgage Corp.

The Mortgage Link Inc.

Nationwide Home Mortgage Inc.

Vision Mortgage Inc.