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Hurrican Katrina

to Hurricane Katrina

‘Right now it’s like a bad dream’
Thirty family members fled their fallen city after the United States’ worst natural disaster, making the 1,000-mile trek north to stay in Gaithersburg with family that is helping their loved ones start over.

Residents open hearts, homes to hurricane evacuees
A bus at St. Raphael’s Catholic Church is on its way to Houston to pick up as many as 50 people displaced by Hurricane Katrina and stay with families from the parish in Potomac, Rockville and Bethesda.

Montgomery County Urban Search and Rescue team greeted upon return
Family and friends greeted the 35 members of the Montgomery County Urban Search and Rescue team late Tuesday night after they arrived home from helping Hurricane Katrina survivors in Waveland, Miss.

Hot line set up to assist hurricane survivors
The county has set up a hot line for volunteers to call to offer their services. And the Montgomery County Council has decided it will ‘‘adopt” a ravaged Gulf Coast community to assist in its rebuilding.

Business chips in with donations and in-kind aid
Montgomery County companies are making large donations and providing other support to the relief effort for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Gulf Coast students coming to county
Students from the storm-wracked Gulf Coast this week looked to schools — both public and private — and universities here as an option for heading back to school.

Senate leaders to pursue gouging
Senate Finance Chairman Thomas McLain Middleton said Tuesday that his committee is set to hold hearings on allegations of price gouging.

Gas prices level, but relief may be slow
Gasoline prices are beginning to level off, but what goes up at ‘‘meteoric” rates will not come down as sharply, a spokesman for AAA Mid-Atlantic said Tuesday.

County rescue contingent answers Katrina’s challenge
As one group of fire and rescue workers headed for home Monday from helping Hurricane Katrina survivors in Mississippi, a second group headed out to New Orleans to relieve the drowned city’s exhausted firefighters.

FEMA’s first call for help excluded volunteer firefighters
Seventeen Montgomery County volunteer firefighters are part of a brigade of first responders dispatched to Gulf Coast communities ravaged by Hurricane Katrina.

City employee searched for father
By last Thursday it had been four days since Doug Breisch had been able to reach his father, who lives alone in a three bedroom, one-story brick house with his basset hound, Buddy.

Community pitches in to help survivors
Organizations in the community are doing their part to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Med student back home after Tulane closes doors
Hall, 23, who had just started medical school Aug. 2 at Tulane University in New Orleans, was sharing the story of her trek from her cell phone last Thursday.

Schools open doors to students displaced by hurricane
More than two weeks after they headed back to classes, 14 students of Jesuit High School in New Orleans had a second first day of school on Tuesday.

NIH sends doctors to help in Mississippi
About 100 doctors and other medical workers from the National Institutes of Health are on their way to Mississippi to set up a field hospital to treat victims of Hurricane Katrina.

USNS Comfort departs to provide aid to Gulf region
The USNS Comfort was deployed to the Gulf of Mexico to aid with hurricane relief. Many of the ships 270 crew work at Bethesda’s National Naval Medical Center.

Katrina devastation motivates residents to take action
A week after Hurricane Katrina left thousands homeless in and around New Orleans, Montgomery County residents are working to provide relief funds for survivors and refugees

Hurricane victims find refuge in upcounty homes
Two victims of Hurricane Katrina left New Orleans just before the hurricane hit and have made their way to the upcounty area.

In bits and pieces, the upcounty reaches out
The devastation and impact from Hurricane Katrina is massive. Individuals and groups from across the upcounty have found themselves caught up in the story.

Katrina conjures memories for Sri Lankan family
When the tsunami devastated their native country of Sri Lanka, the Perera family of Damascus wanted to help with the relief effort, and they feel the same way now that their adopted country has had a similar natural disaster.

Efforts, big and small, aim to raise funds, collect goods
It didn’t much matter when volunteers at the Houston office of the Gaithersburg-based Victims Rights Foundation realized Hurricane Katrina wouldn’t hit their new office.

Upcounty gas prices climb, supply fluctuates
Each day since Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast, gas prices in the upcounty area have jumped 10- to 20-cents a gallon, with the first signs of stabilization on Tuesday.

Fear for family, desire to help within the walls of Seneca Valley
Students at Seneca Valley High School are building a house ‹ paper brick by paper brick. The house is being constructed on the cafeteria wall, with each brick representing another $100 relief kit for a family devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Lake Seneca has close connections to hurricane
Student patrols at Lake Seneca Elementary School started collecting change Tuesday morning to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Couple raises funds for disaster relief
Ron and Joan Furman are using a life-size children's playhouse as a fund-raiser to raise money for the Hurricane Katrina disaster relief effort.

Hurricane causes law student to change university plans
Last week, law student Randy Gnatt made his way home to Potomac, where his parents live and spent the Labor Day weekend deciding his next step.

County, churches form alliance to help survivors
In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, as many as 500 of the people displaced may find shelter in Prince George’s County, thanks to a partnership between the county government and faith community.

Council returns from break, hears pleas for storm aid
The Bowie City Council returned from summer recess Tuesday presumably to vote on a bank.

Gulfport’s oldest resident survives storm, moves to Bowie
Bowie resident E.J. Henry had no idea how to find his father until he received a blessing, in the form of a text message.

Second Bowie resident hears of Gulfport family after storm
Bowie resident Patricia Primm, 68, used to go crabbing along the seawalls in her home town of Gulfport, Miss. Now her neighborhood is likely in shambles, pummeled by Hurricane Katrina.

Citizens of Bowie concentrate efforts to provide hurricane relief
Soon after the Category 4 Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast, students 1,000 miles away in Bowie felt the impact.

South county groups work to support Hurricane Katrina victims
South county churches and organizations are responding positively to calls from the American Red Cross to give financial gifts rather than collect items for victims of hurricane Katrina.

Merchant organizes aid convoy to Hurricane Katrina victims
Community members eager to do something for the victims of Hurricane Katrina this weekend brought bags full of bottled water, medical supplies and clothing to the vacant parking lot site on Route 1 where Lasick’s Beef and Seafood restaurant once stood.

Hurricane drives county student back from Tulane
When University Park resident Cristina Hill headed to Tulane University near New Orleans last month to begin her freshman year of college, the recent Eleanor Roosevelt graduate imagined she would spend her next four years in the bayou.

Community reaches out to victims
The College Park community responded to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina last week by opening doors to displaced students and family members and collecting donations at local schools and churches.

Local residents prepare for emergencies
In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, area residents may be thinking about what they would do in case of a natural disaster.

Rumor causes panic at county gas stations
A call to the governor’s office was made after several inquiries about gas station closure rumors started coming into The Gazette offices Friday.

Calls for Katrina probe, FEMA move to Cabinet
Sens. Barbara A. Mikulski, D-Md., and Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., Tuesday introduced bills to investigate the handling of the Gulf Coast hurricane disaster and to restore independence to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Trucks of supplies ready to head south
Thanks to the efforts of We Care Frederick, an effort started by a small group of local people, four tractor-trailers are full of supplies ready to be sent to Mississippi to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Officials say Frederick is prepared for disaster
In the event of a natural disaster, the City of Frederick would not experience the evacuation horrors that New Orleans had because Frederick does not have a large population of poor people, one county official said this week...

Schools launch into hurricane relief
Frederick County public schools have found many creative ways to collect donations for Hurricane Katrina victims.

Local Red Cross volunteers deploy to Alabama
Thurmont resident Andrea True watched the Hurricane Katrina disaster unfold on her television and knew she had to help in some way, she said.

Nonprofit groups call for housing aid
One Frederick County nonprofit organization is calling on government officials to step up and provide temporary housing to displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Local Baptist group ready to respond
Alan Caho, Blue Ridge Baptist Association disaster relief coordinator, is hustling to prepare to head south with local volunteers and a disaster relief trailer.

Area agencies offering variety of relief services
Local organizations, nonprofit agencies and businesses are doing their part to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Louisiana family flees to Ijamsville home
Donald and Marilyn Mossy hold an aerial photograph of their New Orleans neighborhood.

High school students collect cash for hurricane relief
Some Frederick County students are willing to do anything to help those left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Schools, churches join Katrina’s relief effort
Local schools and churches are responding to the disaster left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Landover-area schools mobilize relief efforts
When students in Eric Skinner’s journalism class at Charles Herbert Flowers High School learned how Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, they knew they had to help.

Area groups unite to raise money for hurricane relief
Four local radio stations took their message of support for the victims of Hurricane Katrina from the airwaves to locations across Largo to raise money and take in supplies for hurricane relief.

Laurel woman reunites with parents after ‘living hell’ search
Sharah Horton of Laurel described the last week and a half as a ‘‘living hell.”


A challenge for all of us

The destruction is beyond our comprehension, the misery beyond our imagining. The catastrophe that was Hurricane Katrina challenges all of us.

Soon, the television coverage will fade, but hundreds of thousands of victims of this disaster must go on living, even if their way of life has been erased and every earthly possession lost.

These people need our help, perhaps more than any other Americans have ever needed it. Even with massive government aid, many who were struggling to live before the storm will need the help of social service agencies for a long time.

We call on you, Gazette.Net readers, to respond today.

Answer the call of your heart.

To donate:

For a list of organizations aiding in the relief effort,  including local churches and organizations, click here.

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