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Hurrican Katrina

to Hurricane Katrina

-- Convoy reaches out to Katrinašs victims
-- Retired Frederick policewoman helps Red Cross effort in Mississippi
-- Giving credits where credits are due
-- Church launches fund-raiser
-- Community supports 9Ž11 and Hurricane Katrina victims
-- Crossland teacher survives hurricane
-- Allentown fire department reunites New Orleans family
-- City school embraces New Orleans pupil
-- Prince George's County launches new hurricane relief hotline
-- Evacuee: Sykesville home, for now
-- New FEMA director has Emmitsburg ties
-- Official devises adopt-a-family plan for victims
-- Helping his hometown
-- Katrina victims cling to hope in Laurel
-- Local police officers are helping in New Orleans
--Starting over with a warm reception
--Generosity of community has been overwhelming
--All in the family
--Displaced students adjust to new school
--Project Backpack goes national
--Bethesda man works to HELP with immediate housing needs
--NIH doctors return from Gulf Coast
--Efforts continue for hurricane survivors
--Evacuees find hope with families
--Festival feels effects of Katrina
--After fleeing Katrina, youngsters settle in at school
--Area churches answer the call
--Community rallies
--Upcounty groups continue to find ways to help
--Rescuers come home, others go south
-- Montgomery offers services to evacuees

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A challenge for all of us

The destruction is beyond our comprehension, the misery beyond our imagining. The catastrophe that was Hurricane Katrina challenges all of us.

Soon, the television coverage will fade, but hundreds of thousands of victims of this disaster must go on living, even if their way of life has been erased and every earthly possession lost.

These people need our help, perhaps more than any other Americans have ever needed it. Even with massive government aid, many who were struggling to live before the storm will need the help of social service agencies for a long time.

We call on you, Gazette.Net readers, to respond today.

Answer the call of your heart.

To donate:

For a list of organizations aiding in the relief effort,  including local churches and organizations, click here.

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