Capitol Heights

Feb. 6

Kelvin Jackson of Capitol Heights was shot several times on his front porch in the 500 block of Cedarleaf Avenue in Capitol Heights. Jackson was seen an hour earlier walking with two or three men, who fled the scene after gunshots were fired, according to police reports.

March 2

Melvin Austin Reid was found dead around 4 p.m. after suffering gunshot wounds to his upper body in the 4200 block of Pear Street in Capitol Heights. Reid, 29, was seen in an altercation with the suspect before he was killed. The suspect fled immediately after the shooting, police said.

March 11

Maurice Thomas Powell of Capitol Heights was found by police with a single gunshot to his upper body near the intersection of Daimler Drive and Central Avenue in Capitol Heights. Powell and two of his friends were walking home from a movie around 1:30 a.m. when they were followed by a group of four men. Powell and his friends ran and the group fired several shots. Powell was hit in the upper body and his friends escaped without injury, police said. The suspects fled on foot.

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