Maryland's economy, mirroring the nation's, has pulled out of the Great Recession. But while its unemployment rate has stabilized in the 7 percent range and its gross domestic product grew 2.9 percent from 2009 to 2010, both figures reflect anything but the relative boom times of just five years ago. In this special report, The Gazette of Politics and Business looks at how Maryland can right its economic ship and set a new course. We examine how an "innovation economy" should — or in some cases, shouldn't — be the cornerstone of these efforts. This site provides a place for insights and proposals to spur Maryland’s economy, and we welcome readers to join this conversation via Twitter at #newmd.
The Gazette talked with thought leaders from the state’s business, academic and government sectors to plumb their ideas on the key economic development issues of the day — from transportation and education to job creation and access to capital.