Open letter to Fairfax County Executive Ed Long:

1. Since the start of the housing bubble in 2000, what has been the average annual raise for Fairfax County employees (excluding school board employees)?

2. How many applicants are there for every Fairfax County job opening?

3. Please describe Fairfax County pension benefits. What is the retirement age? What is the pension compared to the salary? Does the pension increase with inflation?

4. What is the unfunded liability of Fairfax County pension programs?

5. Please describe the health insurance plans for Fairfax County employees? What is the in-network deductible? What is the in-network co-pay? What is the maximum out-of-pocket cost?

6. Since the start of the housing bubble in 2000, how much have Fairfax County personnel costs increased? What percentage of the increase was for new employees? What percentage was for raises and for the increased costs of health insurance and pensions?

7. How much money have government employee unions donated to supervisor election campaigns?

8. In the adopted budget document, will there be a summary of the changes between the County Executive’s proposed budget and the adopted budget? Why has this summary been missing from past adopted budget documents?

9. What is the real estate tax rate that offsets the increase in assessments?

10. Since 2000, how much have real estate taxes increased for the typical Fairfax County homeowner? (Answer: Between FY2000 and FY2014 real estate taxes for the typical Fairfax County homeowner increased from $2400 to $5100, a 112 percent increase. Over the same period, inflation was 47 percent.)

Arthur Purves, President

Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance