Russell E. Yaffe, a graduate of Walter Johnson High School who is now a New York City filmmaker, returned to Bethesda this month to shoot “My Brother Is a Zombie.”

Locations included Wyngate Elementary School, the YMCA Ayrlawn Program Center, Brookville Market and a home in the Maplewood-Alta Vista area.

When living in Bethesda, Yaffe also took filmmaking classes at Imagination Stage in town. For 15 years, he has run CDBC, a nonprofit summer basketball clinic in Bethesda.

“My Brother Is A Zombie” tells the story of Abigail, an 11-year-old tomboy whose younger brother, Norman, is the most annoying brother in the world. He’s also a zombie, according to a news release. The film explores what happens when an older sibling must care for a younger sibling with his own set of special needs.

The film is now in post production. Producers are raising money through a crowdfunding website,