Longdraft widening opposed
March 1, 2005

Numerous families, joggers and pet-walkers who live near and use Longdraft Road recently learned that the county is considering widening it from a quiet, residential two-lane road to a bustling four-lane byway. Every area resident that I have spoken to is unequivocal in their opposition to this plan.

The reasons for this opposition are abundant: Children crossing the road to Ridgeview Middle School will be at increased risk, commuter traffic that routinely exceeds the speed limit will be further encouraged to do so, abutting homeowners will lose property, noisy traffic will disrupt an otherwise quiet neighborhood, decades-old trees will be cleared to make way for yet more asphalt. Not to mention that some of the widening will occur through Seneca Creek State Park.

I do appreciate the need to make improvements along Longdraft Road. In some spots telephone poles are a mere 8 inches from the edge of the curb. In other areas there is no sidewalk at all. These safety concerns should certainly be addressed without delay.

However, I believe that widening the road is simply not the right solution.

The Longdraft Road Coalition is a well-organized group of people who oppose the widening of this road. Empirical evidence and common sense support our arguments. Our voices unite to send a clear message to county officials to oppose widening Longdraft Road.

Saqib Ali, North Potomac

The writer is chairman of the Longdraft Road Coalition.