Local residents attend Annapolis rally for equality
Feb. 17, 2005
Tiffany Young
Staff Writer

Two county residents and a group of interfaith believers wanted to show their support for equality by participating in a march on Monday.

Joyce Dowling of Brandywine and Dixon Redditt of Clinton took part in a rally with Equality Maryland, Maryland's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender advocacy organization.

They marched in Annapolis as part of the annual Valentine's Lobby Day to oppose the change in the Virginia's state constitution that is proposing to ban gay marriages in that state.

By singing and marching and rallying with other members of an interfaith choir, Dowling and Redditt attended the rally because they said it is a part of their religious beliefs.

As members of the Davies Memorial Unitarian Universals Church in Camp Springs, Dowling and Redditt said they believe that everyone should have equal rights, including same sex couples.

Dowling said her attendance was needed because she wanted to send a message to lawmakers.

"We hope that all people, and especially legislaters, will be more conscience of equal rights especially in the gay community," Dowling said.

The march began from the lobby of the hotel to the lobby of the state house, followed by songs and a reception. The 20-member choir from the interfaith group sang songs that had a message of love and sacrifice, something that Dowling said she truly believes in.

Dowling said one of the group's songs, "Everything is possible," talks about unconditional love. "The song was written for a lesbian mother to sing to her children," Dowling said.

Redditt, the minister of music at the church for over a decade, was scheduled to play the clarinet during the event.

As a member of the Camp Springs church for 22 years, Dowling said her denomination believes in equal rights, but she said each church makes its own decisions.

"Our denomination chose not to be political," Dowling said.

Dowling said she hopes to reach many of the state's delegates and that the message becomes clear that they support gay rights.

"I have a button that says, I am straight, but not narrow," Dowling said.

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