Bronrott seeks to keep House of Delegates seat in District 16
May 29, 2002
Scott Herbstman
Staff Writer

Del. William A. Bronrott (D) of Bethesda is running for reelection in the House of Delegates for District 16.

The 46-year-old has served in the house since 1999.

"The last four years have been a thrill of a lifetime, to represent this wonderful community," he said. "I would be honored to have the chance ... to continue to be their advocates."

Bronrott said he has worked to improve pedestrian safety. "At the core of what I feel has been my accomplishment is the focus on pedestrian safety and accessibility in the community," he said.

He said a goal of his was to bring pedestrian safety to the forefront. He chaired the Montgomery County Blue Ribbon Panel on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety, which released its report in January.

Bronrott said he would like to require all new projects to study the impact to pedestrians.

He said development should have the goal of "building walkable, liveable communities that rely on smart growth (housing near public transportation), rather than senseless suburban sprawl ... Build town centers up and down the Red Line."

With transportation he supports the Intercounty Connector and the inner Purple Line (an above-ground Metro rail that would run inside the Capital Beltway between College Park and Bethesda), as well as mass transit.

He said there must be a transportation system that encourages people to travel in ways other than single-occupancy vehicles.

If reelected, Bronrott said he would continue to work on pedestrian safety. Also, he wants to work to reduce teen drug and alcohol use, increase gun control, and establish walking as the official state exercise.

Bronrott is a member of the House Commerce and Government Matters Committee and the House Special Committee on Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

He described how he works in Annapolis.

"My style is that of someone very passionate about his community," he said. "I've tried to bring people together. What I've tried is to put the spotlight where it should be."

Bronrott started a public affairs practice in 1987, and runs it out of his Bethesda home. From 1979 to 1987, Bronrott was press secretary to U.S. Representative Michael D. Barnes.

He grew up in Silver Spring and graduated from Montgomery Blair High School. Bronrott has a bachelor and master's degree from the University of Maryland. Bronrott is an avid walker and biker. He is single.

District 16 encompasses most of Bethesda and parts of Chevy Chase, North Bethesda and Potomac.