And the name is ... Willoughby Park
Apr. 11, 2001
Myra Mensh Patner
Staff Writer

Willoughby Gulch is now officially Willoughby Park.

That was the name the Village Council of Friendship Heights voted for unanimously Monday night after discussing two dozen possibilities.

The discarded names include Friendship Park, Phoenix Park, Prospect Park, Evergreen Park, Chase Park, Oasis Park, Peace Park, Storybook Park, Sunshine Park, Patriot Park, Saul's World, Saul's Playground, Millennium Park, Towerview Park, The Willow, Proust Park, Willopark, Sunset Park, Wisteria Park, Passages Park and Barlow Park.

The rectangular property, which until now has sat empty and unusable at the corner of Willard Avenue and Friendship Boulevard, is being transformed into a public park by JBG Co. as part of JBG's office and retail project on Willard Avenue.

JBG agreed to transform Willoughby Gulch into a park as a public amenity.

JBG regraded the land so it no longer resembles a gulch, and it will add large sculptures, benches, paths, trees, shrubs and flowers.

The village decided it was time to come up with a proper name for what will soon be an important green space for the community.