Planners say ICC can be removed from master plan
Jul. 14, 1999

July 16, 1999

By Candace James

Staff Writer

The Montgomery County Planning Board says the much-studied, much-reviled and much-revived Intercounty Connector can be removed from the county's Master Plan, as some County Council members have proposed, but it's going to take six or seven years to do.

Last month, the council's Planning, Housing and Economic Development Committee asked planners to see if it can be done.

On Thursday, the board heard about five possible scenarios from Jeff Zyontz, acting chief of the countywide planning division, and John Carter, acting chief of the community-based planning division.

Both noted deleting the cross-county highway would affect seven different master plans, among other things.

"That's a major, major effort," Zyontz told the board.

Ultimately, staff recommended an option that would take six to seven years. It would remove a major portion of the ICC from all highway maps in one process, include amendment of the individual master plans and examine what to do in lieu of the roadway.

The board forwarded that recommendation and four alternatives to the council.

With a decision on the ICC due Nov. 1 from Gov. Parris N. Glendening, the council's request isn't totally out of the blue.

It's also no secret that the council has a 6-2 majority opposing the road.

"It's time for everyone to accept reality," said Councilman Derick Berlage (D-Dist. 5) of Silver Spring, adding that the council's strong opposition should be a signal to the governor.

"It's a message no one could ignore." he said.

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