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Democratic candidates hold significant fundraising advantages against their Republican opponents in all but a couple of Charles County’s commissioner and statehouse races, according to the latest batch of campaign finance reports filed late last month.

In the race for county commissioners’ president, Del. Peter F. Murphy (D-Charles) was able to spend $12,538 during the period — which began June 9 and ended Aug. 26 — and finish it with $17,840 in the bank despite raising $3,689 thanks to the $26,688 he entered with.

Meanwhile, his opponent, Republican nominee Tom deSabla, reported raising $150 since June 9 and spending $540, leaving him with $46 in his campaign account. He began the period with $436.

In District 1, Commissioner Ken Robinson (D) raised and spent far less than Republican opponent Charles Lollar, but the bulk of Lollar’s contributions and expenditures came in the run-up to the June 24 primary, when he finished third in the GOP’s gubernatorial primary.

Despite entering the period with $15,311 and taking in $19,787, Lollar nearly exhausted his war chest after spending $34,915 and enters the current financing period at a disadvantage with $183 in his account. Robinson spent most of his coffers, as well, expending $11,708 while raising $4,231. He was left with $1,362 after beginning the period with $8,840.

In District 2, Commissioner Debra M. Davis (D) started with $4,310 on June 9, raised $3,650 and spent $7,386, leaving her campaign with $574. Republican opponent Mike Bakir filed an affidavit stating he did not receive or spend more than $1,000, while Democratic write-in candidate Melanie Holland — who finished second to Davis in the district’s Democratic primary — reported raising $4,090 and spending $11, leaving her with $17,388 to spend before the Nov. 4 election. Holland began the period with $13,310.

In District 3, Democratic nominee Amanda Stewart reported raising $982 and spending $4,211, leaving her campaign with $329 after beginning the period with $3,558. Her Republican opponent, recently nominated Marcus Tillman, reported zero receipts or expenditures, and a $241 deficit carried over from June 9. After first filing Aug. 6, Democratic write-in candidate Cornell Posey did not submit a campaign finance report.

In District 4, Commissioner Bobby Rucci (D) reported spending $18,527 and raising $10,910. He began the period with $8,647 and finished it with $1,030 left in his account. Republican nominee John Young filed an affidavit stating his campaign did not intend to raise or spend $1,000.

In the race for state delegate in the three-seat District 28, Del. C.T. Wilson (D-Charles) spent $17,223 while raising $5,185. He started June 9 with $14,135, leaving him with $2,097 at the end of the period.

Del. Sally Y. Jameson (D-Charles) will enter the stretch run with $21,088 in her war chest after spending $4,477 since June 9. She entered the period with $23,065 and raised another $2,501.

Former county Commissioner Edith J. Patterson raised the most of the three Democratic nominees with $10,730 in receipts and spent $14,323. She finished the period with $1,686 after beginning it with $5,279.

Republican nominee Jim Crawford filed an affidavit stating his campaign did not intend to raise or spend $1,000. Republican write-in candidate John C. Ford filed Aug. 27, a day after finance reports were due.

In the district’s state Senate race, Sen. Thomas “Mac” Middleton (D-Charles) reported raising $33,952 and spending $57,962 during the period. He finished with a $112,355 in his coffers after beginning the period with $136,365. Republican nominee Allan Donnelly filed an affidavit stating his campaign had not raised or spent more than $1,000.

In Senate District 27 — which following the latest of round redistricting in 2012 will wrap around the northeast border of Charles County to Benedict, Hughesville and a slice of Waldorf — Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D-Calvert, Prince George’s) leads in spending against his Republican opponent, Jesse Peed, who signed an affidavit dated Aug. 25 stating he had not raised or spent more than $1,000 since the beginning of his campaign.

Miller’s current cash balance stands at $578,284.67, after spending $25,175.86 and receiving $25,453.13 in the most recent period.

In District 27C, which will include the same section of Charles County, Del. James E. Proctor Jr. (D-Calvert, Prince George’s) raised $850 and spent $1,155 during the period, which he finished with $9,809 after beginning with $10,114. Republican opponent Joe Crawford signed an affidavit stating he will not raise or spend $1,000.

Staff writer Sarah Fleischman contributed to this report.