Bowie to flush city’s fire hydrants -- Gazette.Net


The Bowie Public Works Department began a fire hydrant flushing and testing program Monday and will continue testing neighborhood-by-neighborhood through October.

The hydrant flushing process may discolor city water temporarily, according to a statement released by Bowie officials.

While the water will be safe to drink, residents are discouraged from washing clothes in the discolored water as it may affect clothing. A free rust remover product will be available at Bowie City Hall for any clothing affecting by the discolored water, the statement said.

Public Works director George Stephanos said the hydrant flushing is a regular procedure that helps maintain the efficiency of the city’s water system.

“It enhances water quality by removing sediments that may be resting in the bottom of the water mains,” Stephanos said. “It also helps identify any flow problems.”

A schedule of the flushing program will be available online through a link on the City of Bowie’s main page: