Pink is my favorite color -- Gazette.Net


OMG! Pink! It looks good on everything, right? The best things in the world are pink! Bubble gum, um ... pink crayons. You get the idea!

So is the world for Pinkalicious, who loves — almost to a frightening degree — the color pink. There can be, however, too much of a good thing.

“Pinkalicious,” will be wrapping up its run at Adventure Theatre-MTC in Glen Echo on Aug. 31.

Based on the book by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann, Pinkalicious ends up in the doctor’s office with an acute case of Pinkititis, which turns her pink from head to toe. This hilarious musical is perfect for children, but entertaining enough for the whole family. Little ones can get in on the action, too! With the purchase of a Pinkalicious crown on Aug. 30, children can enjoy a Pinkalicious styling, including playing dress up and having their photos taken.

For prices, dates, and times, visit or call 301-634-2270.