D.C. man accused of scamming Leisure World resident -- Gazette.Net


Montgomery County police have accused a Washington, D.C., man of bilking an 89-year-old Leisure World woman out of nearly $9,000 while claiming to be repairing her car.

Michael Adams, 34, of the 5200 block of Georgia Avenue in the District, approached the victim March 28 in the parking lot of a shopping center near Leisure World, which is in Silver Spring and offered to paint a scratch on her car for $100, according to a statement for police.

Adams — who is not a certified mechanic and is not licensed to do auto repairs in Maryland — also told the woman her car needed a new part and met with her several times over the next two months in the parking lot of the Aspen Hill Home Depot, so the repair work could be done.

At each meeting, Adams raised the price of the repairs, culminating on May 1, when Adams angrily demanded $5,000 in payment, according to police.

The frightened woman withdrew approximately $5,000 from local banks and bought about $3,950 in gift cards with which to pay Adams, according to police.

During the investigation, police identified Adams as the suspect and determined that he had not done any repairs or installed new part in the victim’s car. A certified repair shop estimated that her car needed only $460 worth of repairs, according to police.

Adams was charged with obtaining property by deception, intimidation, and undue influence of a vulnerable adult; and felony theft.

Each charges carries a penalty of up to 10 years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000.

Attorney information for Adams was not immediately available.