Rape, kidnapping charges dropped against former Rockville athlete -- Gazette.Net


A former Rockville High School football player who was charged with rape and kidnapping at the University of New Mexico in April will not face prosecution.

Charges against Crusoe Gongbay, 21, and two other men were dropped Tuesday due to insufficient evidence, according to court records.

Gongbay was one of three men charged with sexually assaulting a female student at the university in April. Each man faced two counts of second-degree criminal sexual and one count of kidnapping and conspiracy, according to University of New Mexico Police Lt. Timothy Stump.

The other two men are SaQwan Edwards, 22, Gongbay’s teammate on the university’s football squad, and Ryan Ruff, 22, who was not a student at the university.

The female student told police that the three men forced her to have sex in a blue BMW after meeting her outside a party on April 13, according to charging documents. She also told police that Ruff had put a gun to her head and assaulted her after Edwards and Gongbay had left the vehicle, according to charging documents.

The university is still investigating the incident as a possible violation of the student code of conduct, said Dianne Anderson, a spokeswoman for the university. The penalties for violating the code range from verbal warning to expulsion, according to the university’s website.

Gongbay could not immediately be reached for comment.

Both Gongbay and Edwards were suspended from the university’s football team after being charged in April, but were reinstated Wednesday.

“Once that criminal case was closed, I saw no reason not to reinstate them to the team,” Bob Davie, the team’s head coach, told reporters at a news conference. A videotape of the news conference was posted online.

Although the university investigation is ongoing, Davie said that since the players weren’t suspended from the university, he saw no reason they should be suspended from the team.

Gongbay played three years of varsity football for Rockville High School before graduating and joining the University of New Mexico’s team in 2011.