Two plead guilty in Takoma Park armored truck heist -- Gazette.Net


Two Washington, D.C., men pleaded guilty this week to robbery, gun and carjacking charges stemming from an October 2012 armored truck heist in Takoma Park after which a man was shot in the face.

According to their plea agreements, Tonnie Floyd, 22, Marcellus Ramone Freeman, 23, and a third man used a stolen Jeep to follow an armored truck to a Cricket store in the 1300 Block of University Boulevard East in Takoma Park at about 4:10 p.m. on Oct. 26.

The third defendant, Anthony Tyrell Cannon, 25, also of the District, has not made a plea agreement and is scheduled to go to trial Sept. 2.

The truck, operated by Garda Cash Logistics, stopped at the store and an employee went inside to pick up a bag of money containing $3,911. When he returned to the truck, the employee was confronted by two of the defendants, who were holding guns, according to the plea agreement.

After the Garda employee dropped the bag, one defendant began firing. The employee shot back, continuing to fire at the Jeep after the defendants drove away in the Jeep, striking a tire and the back window. Floyd was hit in the shoulder during the gunfire, according to the plea agreement. It was not clear from court records which defendant was firing at any given time.

The three defendants then ditched the Jeep, which now had a flat tire, in a nearby neighborhood. They saw a man entering a vehicle and shot him in the face, causing permanent and life-threatening bodily injury.

The three defendants then drove the man’s car into the District and set the vehicle on fire, according to the plea agreement.

Police used DNA and fingerprint evidence to link Floyd and Freeman to the crime, according to their plea agreements.

Floyd pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt to robbery, discharging a gun during a robbery, and carjacking Friday; Freemen pleaded guilty to the same charges on Aug. 11.

The men are scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 25 and Dec. 11, respectively.

Each faces the possibility of life in prison, but prosecutors have agreed to ask the court for no more than 30 years for Freeman and 27.5 years for Floyd as part of the plea agreements, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.