Past two years more than “twice as nice” for Capitol Heights boutique -- Gazette.Net


A Capitol Heights consignment shop will celebrate two years of finding new homes for designer clothes this Friday.

Twice as Nice Consignment, located at 7943 Central Ave., sells Calvin Klein, Talbots, Nine West, Michael Kors and more at deep discounts, said Terry Gilliam, 51, District Heights. Gilliam said her passion for timeless fashion inspired her to open the boutique.

“My personal style would be classic,” Gilliam said. “I love those designers who reinvent the wheel and yet they stick with what they’ve always done.”

Consigners split the earnings from their clothes with the shop, Gilliam said. If an item does not sell, consigners can take the clothes back or donate them to a nonprofit.

Donated clothes go to the Training Source in Seat Pleasant, which prepares job seekers to enter the workforce, or Mission of Love in Capitol Heights. Close to 900 articles of clothing have been donated since the store opened.

“I decided to not only try to open a store here but donate here because there are just so many people in this general vicinity who are helping people get on their feet,” Gilliam said.

When choosing nonprofits, Gilliam said it was imperative that the recipients would not resell the garments, but rather give them to people who needed them in the community.

“The feeling of helping other people is enriching for my spirit,” Gilliam said. “I just have to give back.”

There will be complimentary food and wine at the anniversary reception, which will take place at the shop from 6 to 9 p.m. Aug. 15. To RSVP, email or call 301-350-2500.