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The average age for a hardwood basketball court at a Montgomery County public high school is 13 years old. In Prince George’s County, that number is 21. Two schools in Montgomery County have courts that are much older than the average, Damascus and Thomas S. Wootton, according to information provided by athletic directors and the school system.

The court at Damascus was installed in 1950 and the one at Wootton was installed in 1970.

Most hardwood basketball courts in the United States are made from dense maple with a smaller number made from a maple-oak hybrid. According to athleticbusiness.com, a leading trade publication, to maintain a floor properly schools should:

Dust mop the floor daily.

Clean the floor regularly with a solution recommended by the finish manufacturer.

Screen and recoat the floor at least once a year.

Sand down, reseal, paint and refinish the floor every 10 to 15 years.

— Ken Sain